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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed has become Milestone's most-successful game ever

With two million sold copies and eight million players, people know that life isn't the same without the flame.

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Mattel and Mlilestone has announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed has grown to become the racing developer's most-successful video game ever. As noted in a new press release, we're told that the game has sold two million copies, has eight million players, and a total of over 930 years of playtime.

"Hot Wheels boasts one of the most engaged and passionate fan bases of any brand in the world", said Luisa Bixio, Milestone CEO. "We're proud that Mattel trusted us to bring the brand to life in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and so pleased with how consumers have responded."

To add to this, Milestone has revealed that the car most players tend to use is the Twin Mill 2021, and that there are over 1.3 million pieces of user-generated content within the game.

Have you played the arcade racing game, and if so, which car is your favourite?

Hot Wheels Unleashed

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