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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC lacks FOV slider option

Guerilla Games' phenomenal and visually stunning game Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC and even though it will likely be the best version, some sacrifices have been made.

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We have known that previous Playstation exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC as well for a while now. The launch should happen at some point during Summer 2020. Unfortunately, the PC version will miss one key feature: adjustable FOV (field of vision).

According to Steam forums the Guerilla Games community manager Anne van der Zanden has stated, that the decision was made so that the developers' visual style would not be compromised.

"We will add several ways to customize your settings for Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC. However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon: Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this".

Luckily there will be "several ways to customize your settings", and among these is support for ultrawide monitors. The decision about FOV is still a bit weird because on PS4 you CAN adjust the FOV while using Photo Mode.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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