Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake

Horizon: Zero Dawn is being removed from PS Plus Extra and Premium

There is probably a good explanation as to why Sony removes their own games, and it might be because of the rumoured remake.

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Two years ago, rumours surfaced that Sony was working on a remake of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which many thought sounded a bit odd considering that the game was only five years old at the time (and consequently seven years old today), which is an extremely short time in the remake context.

Since then, however, Sony has shown that it doesn't mind releasing updated versions of its newer games, and just earlier this year it released a remaster of the four-year-old The Last of Us: Part II. And now, eagle-eyed Reddit users have noted that Sony has decided to remove Horizon: Zero Dawn from both PS Plus Extra and Premium on May 21 - despite it being a first-party game.

That, in turn, has led to plenty of speculation on social media that Sony doesn't want to give away a game "for free" because the aforementioned Horizon: Zero Dawn remake is actually real and is set to be announced at the Sony event this month that has been widely rumoured to be happening.

Whether that's actually the case remains to be seen, but if you're a PS Plus Extra or Premium subscriber, make sure to play Horizon: Zero Dawn by May 21, because after that you'll either have to buy it at full price or wait for the potential remake.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Remake

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