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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn had co-op at one point

Early concepts featured two-player co-op.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was originally released just under a year ago, and it did so with incredible critical acclaim (we even awarded it our GOTY for 2017). One thing it did not feature however, was any type of multiplayer mode, but now we know that at one point, it was meant to have a co-op mode.

Recently, revered documentary series Noclip put out a new episode focusing on the development of the game, and here Director Mathijs De Jonge confirmed that the game at one point featured co-op.

However, as De Jonge describes, the feature was cut to allow for additional development elsewhere.

"There have been early concepts. At the beginning we were thinking about two players in co-op, our very early prototype was with two players. We had the game running back then in co-op and that was quite nice to see.

But we haven't got that [in the final version] because the programmers basically said that if we wanted to have co-op, we would also have 50% of the features we had been asking for and not 100%. With Horizon: Zero Dawn being the first game [in the franchise], we wanted 100%, so we dropped co-op in favor of that.

The NPCs fighting along, that is very complicated to get that right and we didn't want to go there for this game because it's so much work to do that well."

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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