Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon TV series seems to have an official name

A listing has it known as Horizon 2074.

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We've been hearing various details and pieces of information regarding the Horizon TV series (based on Guerrilla Games game series), including that it will be set in the near future, around when humanity begins to face the catastrophe that turns the Earth into an apocalyptic world. Otherwise, we know that the series is being made for Netflix, as Sony continues to expand its media efforts.

But now, as part of a listing on the Director's Guild of Canada, we seem to have an official name for the show, which just so happens to be Horizon 2074. The listing also reveals that a crew of 27 individuals have already been signed up for the project, and that it seems to be shooting in Ontario, Canada.

As for a release date and casting reports, we're still waiting to hear more about this aspect of the series.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Photo: Guerrilla Games

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