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Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Leaks Online

The current-gen game has only been out for 10 months.

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An early alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online, complete with a debug menu. First posted on the 28th of December as a file marked "TestGame," people quickly figured out that the file was actually a full version of Horizon Forbidden West.

Even if it's only in it's alpha stage, as Insider Gaming reports this could be a considerable blow to Guerrilla Games, as Horizon Forbidden West is their most current, up-to-date title, which can now be cracked wide open by anyone with access to the file.

It seems even as this year winds down, 2022 will still be known for big gaming leaks, after GTA VI was shown off in the summer. As Guerrilla Games is yet to release a statement on the leak, we won't know how this will affect the company or development.

Horizon Forbidden West

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