Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain's game director has been laid off from Firesprite

After seven years at the developer.

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PlayStation's UK department was already met with quite a significant amount of layoffs recently, when it was announced that London Studio was being closed down. But that's not all the UK jobs that are facing layoffs in the UK, as now it seems like Firesprite is also part of the affected developers.

It's unclear just how many roles at Firesprite are being affected, but we do know for a fact that the game director of Horizon Call of the Mountain, Alex Barnes, has been made redundant, meaning if executives are losing their roles, it wouldn't be unreasonable to say that other employees could be at risk too.

"Today was my last day at Firesprite and PlayStation, as after nearly 7 years here I am being made redundant. It has been a tough time over the past few months, but thank you to all the folks that have continued to help each other through all of this, you have been incredible.

"The people at Firesprite and Guerrilla that pulled together to build Horizon Call of the Mountain were some of the most talented and dedicated developers I've had the pleasure to work with. It has been the honour of a lifetime to have been a Game Director with a team like this.

"I look forwards to seeing what incredible things these wonderful people will continue to bring to the industry and to players everywhere. I know that they will be amazing wherever they go next!"

While Sony PlayStation has yet to share any firm information in regard to how Horizon Call of the Mountain has sold, considering PS VR2 units are said to be in a sales decline already, it can be inferred that the game has likely not sold as well as PlayStation would have hoped too. What we do know is that Firesprite was forced to cancel its reboot of Twisted Metal, as part of PlayStation's recent cost-cutting measures.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

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