Total War: Three Kingdoms

Horde-style Dynasty Mode hitting Total War: Three Kingdoms

We can expect this mode for free next week, alongside the Eight Princes Chapter Pack DLC.

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Creative Assembly is expanding the offering of Total War: Three Kingdoms on August 8 with the release of a new Dynasty Mode, landing for free alongside the Eight Princes Chapter Pack DLC and delivering a horde-style experience to fans of the strategy title.

This was made in collaboration with Intel and sees you defend against waves of enemies as the difficulty level continually increases, using an army with three hero units. Characters are "legendarily powerful" in this mode, having access to various unique abilities like healing buffs and area-based attacks. With generals taking to the battlefield to fight you every third wave though, you'll still need to keep your wits about you, and use the points earned by defeating them to invest in new skills.

A unit size slider can customise the experience as well, letting players increase the size of the units they face from 80 men to a staggering 960 men per unit, although make sure you've got a powerful PC if you want to try the latter.

You can find an FAQ on Dynasty Mode here, where we also find out it can be played either solo or in three-player co-op, as well as details on the point-scoring system and how that works.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three Kingdoms

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