Halo Infinite

Hoonigans creates real life Halo Warthog

The vehicle will likely be created in time for Halo Infinite's release.

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Ever wondered what a real-life Halo Warthog would look like? The rebellious motorheads over at Hoonigans decided to find out and created a Warthog in painstaking detail while documenting the work on YouTube, where you can now find the first episode.

Unlike previous attempts to create a Warthog, this beast actually delivers something that reminds us of the real deal with a Ford V8 foundation, equipped with two extra turbos, a properly working off-road racing suspension, as well as active 4-wheel steering. Now it has over 1000hp and should have no problems racing over the green hills and Forerunner structures of the Halo ring.

We will get back to this project when the final result has been revealed, likely somewhere around the Halo Infinite release as it is done together with Xbox.

Halo Infinite

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