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Honda's Motocompacto is an electric scooter you can take anywhere

The little vehicle has a top speed of 15 mph and can be folded up to save space.

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Has the one thing that has put you off purchasing an electric scooter been its size? Are you desperate for a small form vehicle that can be packed away and barely take up any space? If so, Honda might just have the perfect vehicle for you.

Known as the Motocompacto, this small electric scooter has been designed in such a way that it can be easily folded up, all into a small proportion that means it can easily be stored away.

The bike features a max speed of 15 mph, a range of 12 miles, can reach full charge in 3.5 hours, can go from 0-15 mph in a blisteringly quick 7 seconds, and all while only weighing 41.3 lbs. Honda also promises that it can carry up to 265 lbs and that it is water resistant too.

As with most products these days, the Motocompacto also features a personal app that keeps you informed on battery charge and the likes, and the body has been designed to pay homage to Honda's Motocompo scooters from the 1980s.

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There is no mention of the price of this little gadget but hopefully it will be reasonably priced, as this could be an ideal bit of tech for anyone looking to get to and from relatively close urban locations.

Honda's Motocompacto is an electric scooter you can take anywhere

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