Homegrown RAM chips have started production in China

In the midst of the trade war between USA and China, Chinese startup Changxin Memory Technology is looking to break free from depending other countries' tech production.

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While Samsung, Micron and Hynix account for 95% of all DRAM production in the world, it also makes everyone else depend on them, something China is not very fond of.

Technode has been kind enough to translate a report from China Security Journal that reveals that a state-backed startup company called Changxin Memory Technology, specializing in semiconductors has started mass production of what it the first Chinese designed DRAM chip.

This is obviously the next logical step in the trade war between USA and China - complete independence. The market has a value of over 100 billion dollars a year, however, Technode highly doubts that the Chinese DRAM will make an impact on a more global scale. This has to be seen in the light of Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit was blocked last year as it attempted to purchase components in America for their own semiconductor production, they were also state-backed, also reported on by Technode.

This isn't a cheap business to get into either, Changxin has apparently spent 21.1 billion dollars on it, with 2.5 billion alone going to pure research.

There is still some way to go before the production will reach a level where it can compete with existing brands and lower the prices, the Chinese Dram chip is 18nm, with foreign brands ranging from 12nm to 16nm.

Homegrown RAM chips have started production in China

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