Pokémon Go

Hold up, an Ed Sheeran x Pokémon Go collab appears to be on the way

It's the collaboration we never knew we needed.

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Well, this is pretty unexpected. Superstar songwriter Ed Sheeran has teased on Twitter that he will be collaborating with Pokémon Go in a mysterious way in future. All that has been shared at this point is a teaser image (which can be seen below).

Perhaps the most likely guess is that some of Ed's music will be featured within the game. We've also seen newly-composed music appear in the mobile title from producer Junichi Masuda. We'd like to think it's a little more wacky of a collaboration though. Imagine seeing special event Pokémon wearing the singer's merchandise or him appearing in a guest role as a new professor for a special field research challenge. All we can do for now is guess.

What would you like to see from this unexpected collaboration?

Pokémon Go

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