Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy lead leaves after backlash

Troy Leavitt, the game's senior producer, parts ways with Avalanche Software, and it definitely doesn't sound like it has been planned for a long time.

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When I wrote about Bloomberg's report on Hogwarts Legacy having transgender characters I also mentioned that the game has gotten a lot of backlash because one of the lead developers used to make YouTube videos that seemed anti-feminist and pro gamer-gate. This lead some gamers to say they would boycott the game, which is probably one of the reasons for today's news.

Troy Leavitt, the now former senior producer on Hogwarts Legacy and the person I alluded to, has announced he's leaving Avalanche Software, and his statement makes it very clear that it's not because of a better offer or another "natural" reason:

"1. I have made the decision to part ways with Avalanche Software. I have nothing but good things to say about the game, the dev team, and WB Games.

2. I will be releasing a YouTube Video about this soon on my channel."

The subsequent tweet removes any doubt:

"To clarify: I felt absolutely secure in my position. However, I still wanted to resign for reasons that I will explain in that forthcoming video . I'm in excellent spirits and very pleased with my relationship with WB and Avalanche."

It basically sounds like Leavitt called it quits after getting a ton of harassment, being under constant scrutiny lately and maybe even trying to "save" the game, but expect to learn more specifics about his decision and if Avalanche and Warner Bros. were involved with it in the video he mentions.

Do you think this was the right decision?

Hogwarts Legacy

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