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HMV offer 70% off pre-owned games

Retailer won't be restocking after promotion.

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High Street retailer HMV is offering a staggering 70% off used games in their latest promotion, and won't be restocking after the decision was made not to continue buying pre-owned games.

A source close to Gamereactor confirmed the size of the discount, and told us that HMV won't be taking games over the counter from here on in, confirming claims made by FrugalGaming that the retailer would be heavily discounting titles as they try to shift remaining stock.

The size of the discount on offer is a good indicator that they're looking to quickly shift their collection of used titles. That means copies of recent releases and next-gen titles will all be significantly reduced as the retailer looks to clear out their stock of second-hand games. Time to grab a bargain?

HMV offer 70% off pre-owned games

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