Hitman's original elusive targets won't return

Elusive till the bitter end.

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Hitman's original elusive targets will not be included in the Complete First Season package, and Lead Online Designer Torben Ellert has defended the decision.

Hitman: The Complete First Season announced last week will include everything for Hitman thus far, except for these elusive targets, although they will provide access to all targets after January 31.

"Being able to replay them, they wouldn't necessarily stand up," Ellert said. "I chose way early on that they were going to have some fairly bombastic accidents, so that they would be easier to find, so that they would be more memorable. But that means that if you're really paying attention, you can hear [them] defaulting to their AI dialogue—for instance where they need to tell guards about stuff. But I only notice that because I can play them blasé."

"We make compromises to keep a production cadence based on the aspiration that I would rather have a few more more memorable targets and live with some wonkiness, and for that reason, I don't think they would stand up," Ellert said. "That's why I oppose [re-releasing them]."


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