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Hitman GO

Hitman GO arrives to PC, PS4 and PS Vita on February 24

Watch the Definitive Edition trailer.

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Square Enix will release Hitman GO: Definitive Edition to February 24, on Steam, PS4 and PS Vita. The game has been available for iOS and Android since last year, and will now reach new platforms with improved controls and graphics. If you are not familiar with Hitman GO, it is a very different experience from the usual Hitman games. GO in a kind of virtual board, where you must plan out asssassinations using a turn-based system.

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition will cost €7.99 (PlayStation price) and will suppot cross-buy and cross-save options between PS4 and PS Vita. You can watch Hitman GO's new trailer below.

Hitman GOHitman GOHitman GO

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