Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money is coming to Switch, iOS and Android

17 years after the original game released, it's getting "revitalised" for these new platforms.

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Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth game in the hit series, and is highly regarded among fans of Agent 47's escapades. Now, it is coming to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal.

Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal revitalises the original game, giving us a new minimap, Instinct Mode, and extra gameplay features from later entries in the series. It's going to launch this Autumn for Android and iOS, and will be available on Switch this Winter.

A short trailer showcases the game, which seems to keep its nostalgic 2006 look for fans of the older graphics. Check out the revitalised version of this classic in the trailer below:


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