Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Freelancer to launch in January 2023

And there will be a closed technical test next month.

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Hitman 3 Freelancer was announced quite a while back, at the same time that IO Interactive also lifted the curtain on Year 2 of its stealth action threequel. Back then, it was made clear that Freelancer would be coming in spring 2022, but that has long passed and it has still not arrived due to it being delayed a while back.

Fortunately, we now know when exactly Freelancer will be debuting, as IO Interactive has released a blog post that states the mode will be coming at the start of 2023 and that the exact date will be January 26.

It's also noted that Freelancer will be coming as a free update for all Hitman 3 owners, and that there will be various blog posts on the run up until launch that detail further information relating to the game mode.

Those looking for a chance to play Freelancer ahead of release can turn their attention to the closed technical test that will be taking place next month, where a selection of Steam players will be invited for an opportunity to put the mode through the ringer ahead of its launch. More details relating to this will be shared on October 27, with the game's October roadmap coming tomorrow, on October 6.

Hitman 3

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