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Hitman 2

Hitman 2's November update is its last major patch

After that IO Interactive is moving resources to the next Hitman game, which is "well underway" at the studio.

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IO Interactive has released another of their monthly roadmaps, and November is a very special month, as the developer is bringing more live content in one month than they've ever done before.

This is because it's the one-year anniversary of the game, and each week has at least two content drops, with some even having four. There will be 10 featured contracts, eight escalation contracts, six challenge packs, five item unlocks, and a legacy elusive target as well.

"We're very proud of what we've achieved so far with HITMAN 2 over the last 12 months and we're already looking at what's to come next for the Hitman franchise - but we've still got a lot we want to do with HITMAN 2 before then, starting with a bumper roadmap of content," IOI continues.

You can check out the full roadmap and trailer below, but IOI had other news to share, as there's an update coming on November 19, but after that "we're moving more and more of the HITMAN 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway".

This means the November patch will be the last major update for the game, with December rounding out the year with the rest of the new content drops.

"Our 2020 plans for HITMAN 2 live content will focus on continuing to add Featured Contracts as well as introduce Community-curated Contracts into the game. On top of that, we are also planning a re-activation of HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets, giving players another chance to earn any attached rewards and experience the Elusive Target missions that you might have missed the first time around," IOI adds.

Will you dip back into Hitman 2 this month?

Hitman 2

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