Hitman 2

Hitman 2's next Sniper Assassin mission takes us to Siberia

Plus we've got a livestream replay of our time in New York if you want to catch up on 47 and see how the old boy is getting on.

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IO Interactive just revealed its content roadmap for Hitman 2 over the coming weeks, and the highlight of the announcement is the news that a new, Siberian sniper map is on the horizon. The next Sniper Assassin mission, which is called 'The Prison' and is due to land on July 30, will take players to the really chilly part of Russia and unlock the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper rifle. On top of that, we're told that players can expect a new challenge pack, some featured contracts, escalation missions, outfits and other such trimmings. Check out the graphic below for more details.

Hitman 2

The most recent content drop for Hitman 2 Season Pass owners was the New York location, and we played that on GR Live just the other day. Check it out below if you want to see us exploring the new sandbox for a couple of hours.


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