Hitman 2

Hitman 2 updated, new location 'Haven' added

A brand new location and two special assignments added to IO Interactive's Hitman 2.

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Get ready to step into the shoes of the master of disguise and hitman veteran, Agent 47, because Hitman 2 just got a huge update. IO Interactive just added Haven Island, a new, exotic sandbox location that's included in the games' season pass and gold edition and picks up where the events at the New York bank left off.

Apart from Haven Island, the game also got two new special assignments set in Miami (A Silver Tongue) and Whittleton Creek (A Bitter Pill) respectively. The Haven Island DLC needs 3.5 GB of free hard drive space while the two assignments will take up 8.5 GB on console and 2.5 GB and 7.5 GB on PC.

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Hitman 2

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