Hitman 2

Hitman 2 offers free starter pack trial

A huge title update has also arrived bringing with it additions and changes to all platforms Agent 47 appears on.

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Hitman 2's first mission, Nightcall, is being released for free in an attempt to get new players into the fold. The Free Starter Pack is now live across PC and consoles, and serves as an introduction to the world of Hitman 2.

We gave the game a good score back in November of last year, and feel that it's definitely worth a try for a grand total of, nothing. Hitman 2 offers up some great open environments and sandbox level design, for taking down foes with a more free form approach.

The trial also releases alongside a slew of updates for the main game, including graphical changes and HDR support, changes to NPC behaviour and general mission fixes. Last year, it was reported that initial sales in the UK weren't favourable and compared with the previous release, Hitman Absolution, was down 90%. The free starter pack seems to be part of an ongoing effort by IO Interactive to bring new players onboard.

The new trailer can be viewed below and the full patch notes are available on the official website.


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