Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is taking us to New York as first DLC location lands

Golden Handshake campaign mission added to the game, along with all the usual murderous trimmings.

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Hitman 2 might not be episodic in the same sense as its direct predecessor, but IO Interactive is still supporting the game that launched late last year by sharing additional content. As of today, season pass-owning contract killers will be able to head to New York to tackle a new campaign mission called 'Golden Handshake', as well as all the usual bits and pieces we tend to get when visiting a new location in Hitman (contracts, challenges, mastery progression, unlocks, and achievements - you know the drill).

There's a trailer below that'll give you a sense of the new sandbox location, and you can slide your garotte around this link to read our review of the base game, should you so wish.


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