Hitman 2

Hitman 2 has a roadmap of content for the rest of 2019

We'll be getting new locations, missions, unlocks, and more before the year is done, including plenty of content this April.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have revealed a new content roadmap for Hitman 2, as you can see in the content highlights infographic below, showing off new maps, locations, and more:

Hitman 2

Agent 47 will be heading to The Bank, The Prison, and The Resort this year, and as you might expect each location will have new mastery unlocks, challenges, and targets as well. Hantu Port is also coming as a new sniper map in spring, and the infographic shows various themes, missions, and unlocks that are coming our way, meaning assassins should never get bored of the content available to them.

In terms of what's coming soon though, just last week we got a closer look at what's coming in April courtesy of IOI's site, as on April 4 we got the Challenge Pack for Mumbai, with a Legacy Elusive Target of the Prince coming today to Sapienza. April 17 marks the arrival of the Ghost Busters theme, while April 25 gives a new Escalation Contract. Finally, a brand new Ghost Mode location is here on April 30, letting you take on your friend in a 1v1 in Santa Fortuna, along with new Ghost Mode items, emotes, and suit.

Which bit of content are you most excited to see?

Hitman 2

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