Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios details Rogue Company's first season

The free-to-play shooter has switched to a new seasonal model in 2021.

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Hi-rez Studios has just announced a whole bunch of new exciting content that will be coming to Rogue Company throughout 2021.

Firstly, it has been revealed that the game will now been shifting to a seasonal model, and the roadmap for Season 1 has been revealed. The first phase of the roadmap (which you can see below) shows that a new Rogue, a Battle Pass, a 1 Year Pass, and refresh to the ranked system will be coming within the season's first phase.

The ranked system has now been made more transparent for users and has been simplified significantly compared to how it was previously. The Battle Pass makes its debut here and it rewards players with free content every season for signing in and playing. The Battle Pass has 50 levels and there's a premium track that is available that has even more goodies. A 1 Year Pass also makes it debut and if players purchase it they will have access to all the characters in a bundle at a discounted rate, as well as exclusive skins and wraps that are not available anywhere else.

The new Rogue known as Kestrel is said to be one of the earliest Rogues from the Rogue Company, but she had retired and went on to head up her own textile and fashion company. Now for some unknown reason, she has been busted out of retirement to join the fight. This Rogue has an aggressive play style and can attack using the mini drones attached to her arms.

We also learned of a new 2v2 mode called Wingman and a new map known as The Hallows. In Wingman, the map sizes have been made noticeably small to accommodate for the lack of players. In this mode, you need to play your very best as once you have been downed your teammate is left to fend for themselves with a severe disadvantage. The exact release date wasn't revealed for Wingman, but it was revealed that it will be coming to all platforms next week. The new map, The Hallows, takes place within an abandoned missile base in the South Pacific. As well as being available for all standard modes, it's said to house a special mode where a launch must be stopped. No release date for the map was revealed, but it will be the first of 2021.

Rogue Company

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