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High Voltage talks 3DS

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Our Spanish colleague, David Caballero, had a chat with Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer and Matt Corso, Art Director from High Voltage Software. In addition to talking about the upcoming Wii exclusive Conduit 2 they also brought along some tech they had begun porting to Nintendo 3DS. David asked them if it was correct to assume this meant a Conduit for Nintendo 3DS:

"We haven't officially announced [anything] on the 3DS. We're definitely developing 3DS technologies we've been showing it privately to some folks. As far as a feature set that we really like, and obviously the stereoscopic 3D effect is very strong on the system and works very well, but probably, if I have to pick only one feature I like most about the 3DS technology is the hardware itself is more powerful than in previous handhelds and so it affords us an experience to develop something closer to console development"

Conduit 2Conduit 2Conduit 2

Of course, the main focus of the conversation was Conduit 2 and what High Voltage Software has done in order to improve the experience the second time around.

"The core game experience and all the content is complete, we're working right now on balancing multiplayer and putting the final touches".

Conduit 2Conduit 2

"On the first game, as we recall, we focused a lot on inventing our technology for the Wii, and when we did that, I think we didn't put as much focus attention into the actual art design. This time, we created tons and tons of different concepts and concept artists with awesome art styles, and those guys created beautiful works of different locations and environments, and together we also came up with lots of creatures and weapons. We hope it's a better looking game"

"There is a lot more of that kind of stuff for people to find in this world. This time we've done a lot of research on conspiracy theories. We were impressed that the community will dig all this stuff up, and they will connect the docs of all this various ideas in wonderful ways. Now, it has gameplay meaning this time, so when you collect these items it gives you credits than you can use to unlock things in the store."

We'll have more on Conduit 2 and High Voltage Software as our editor-in-chief Gillen McAllister recently met with them in London.

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