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High on Life

High on Life is the Best-Selling Game on Steam

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Squanch Games' High on Life is currently the best-selling game on Valve's digital marketplace Steam. Combining first-person shooter gameplay with the unique style of comedy Justin Roiland is known for, there was a lot of hype around High on Life leading to its launch.

Upon its release, High on Life hasn't received the best review scores, with most critics finding it to be a fine title at best. This doesn't seem to have impacted the sales of the game much, as SteamDB figures show High on Life sitting close to the top of the charts.

High on Life is currently beating some other big hitters from 2022 such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 23. While the Steam Deck is Valve's most recent top seller, considering the price of the handheld it is bound to generate a lot of revenue.

It is quite impressive that High on Life has managed to generate such great sales figures, especially considering it is available via Game Pass. Even with less than stellar reviews, this sci-fi adventure seems to be an incredibly popular one.


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