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High on Life

High on Life has been delayed

But it will still be coming this year.

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High on Life was originally expected to debut this October, as a game that would be a Day One launch for Game Pass, but unfortunately that will no longer be the case, as developer Squanch Games has announced that the wacky title has been hit by a bit of a delay.

It's not a huge delay we should say, as High on Life will still be arriving in 2022, now on December 13 to be exact. As for why the team felt like it needed an extra six weeks to work on the game, Squanch said:

"The team at Squanch Games is working hard towards developing the best gaming experience to hit your screens, and a little extra time to squash some bugs never hurts."

You can take a look at High on Life in action, in the trailer below.

High on Life

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