High on Life

High on Life could be soon set for a PlayStation release

A new update heavily suggests it's coming to the platform.

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High on Life, the latest title from Squanch Games, could be coming to PlayStation soon. At least, that's what a new update appears to point towards.

As spotted on orbispatches.com, a new update lists "general bug fixes and improvements" for High on Life, a game currently unavailable on the platform. There was no note of a release date as yet, but if we're seeing updates such as this, there could be a reveal coming our way soon.

High on Life saw great success on Xbox Game Pass, and though some critics did not see the appeal, plenty of players were more than happy to spend a few hours messing around in a Rick and Morty-inspired galaxy full of all the expected humour.

If you want to know if High on Life is worth it, check out our review here.

High on Life

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