High on Life

High on Life becomes spooky with Knifey DLC this fall

We're guessing it'll arrive in October...

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Justin Roiland and Squanch Games' High on Life really stood out with it's eye-catching visuals and improvisational humour in different presentations leading up to its launch last December, which lead to the game breaking records both on Steam and Game Pass. Which brings us to today.

High on Life is getting an expansion called High on Knife "later this year". This is actually not DLC where the guns have been swapped out with Knifey's friends and family. The surprising thing is instead that it'll be spooky. Don't worry. The developers specify that it'll still be as weird and funny as the base game, but the environments, enemies and tone will just mix in some scares along the way. "One scream for every 3 laughs" as they say in the press release. I'm willing to believe them, as new guns are going to join us in the dark, and one of them is Sarah Sherman's Harper. Expect to see what they bring to the experience in the weeks and months leading up to launch, because this reveal trailer is all about the scares.

High on Life
High on Life

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