High on Life

High on Knife get an official release trailer

The High on Life DLC is now here.

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Yesterday was good for fans of High on Life as the expansion High on Knife premiered. And in line with the tradition, this calls for a release trailer, which we have now received. Check it out below to see more from Knifey's brand new adventure and an equally brand new planet.

We've also included the official synopsis below if you want to know more about what awaits you.

"It's been 2 years since the Bounty Hunter defeated the G3 cartel. Now Knifey needs help tracking down a mysterious package from his homeworld. Will they get mixed up with a friendly giant, a pinball gun, poaching rings, and a terrifying intergalactic shipping company? Yeah. Sure."

High on Knife is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and requires High on Life as it is not stand-alone. The latter is also included with Game Pass, but the DLC is not.

High on Life

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