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High Fidelity "puts people in a virtual world to work together"

CEO Philip Rosedale talked to us about the possibilities of the open-source platform at Gamelab, where he also talked about virtual worlds.

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High Fidelity is an open-source VR platform where users can jump into a virtual world, and since CEO and co-founder Philip Rosedale was talking about virtual worlds at Gamelab this year, we talked to him about High Fidelity and what it offers users, especially those working together.

"It is still an open-source platform, and right now we're getting ready to release a new version of it that is more specifically designed to help with working together remotely," he explained. "The idea of distributed work and people that are now working at home has become a very, very big thing with now tens of millions of people doing that, and we think that there is a use of the metaverse, a use of VR and even just audio, where we can put people in a virtual world to work together."

"We did this experiment where we took a whole bunch of people, about 70 of us that were working together traditionally - most of us - in offices, and we said 'everybody go home, take your computer, and login' to a particular virtual world that we had created on the High Fidelity platform, where we were all on this tropical island working together, with different meeting rooms and lunch areas and a cafe and everything, and what we found after a few days is - we think this might work. It feels very good, you're able to connect with people and just chat, like by the water cooler as they say, in a way that is quite unique."

For more on High Fidelity check out the official site, and you can also watch the full interview down below.

Can this kind of workspace be effective?

High Fidelity "puts people in a virtual world to work together"

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