High and low temperatures for Xbox Series X measured

The Xbox Series X appears to be considerably cooler than the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

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We already know that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been described as silent consoles. But even being silent, they still generate heat. Now the VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb has measured the heat output from Xbox Series X, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro (as no media has gotten PlayStation 5 yet, it is not included) and the results are surprisingly good.

Here are the numbers (in celsius) the consoles mustered playing the Mumbai level of Hitman 2, where lower of course is better:

Max temp / Average temp / Min temp

Xbox Series X: 50,4 / 47,7 / 38,9
Xbox One X: 54,5 / 52,1 / 50
PlayStation 4 Pro: 65 / 62,5 / 60,1

To sum it up, it seems like Xbox Series X is running considerably cooler than the other two, which of course is very good news.

High and low temperatures for Xbox Series X measured

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