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Elden Ring

Hidetaka Miyazaki: Elden Ring "is very close to my ideal game"

FromSoftware's anticipated game lands on February 25.

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On February 25, Elden Ring will finally be released, which is undoubtedly one of the hottest games of 2022 and a title many have dreamed of. Another person who seems to consider it a dream game, is the creator Hidetaka Miyazaki.

In an interview with EDGE he explains that it is very close to be his ideal game:

"I don't approach it in terms of 'this is the kind of open world game I want to make'. It's just that the open world enriches this ideal experience I'm trying to achieve. To give some very simple examples, if I was to explore this world, I'd want a map - a proper map. Or, you know, if I saw something over there, I'd want to actually be able to go over and explore it. And I'd want to fight with a dragon in an epic arena. Things like this. It's very simple stuff, but Elden Ring allows a lot of these things to become a reality for me, creating something that's very close to my ideal game."

But this doesn't mean Miyazaki will play Elden Ring himself. He explains why:

"I probably won't end up playing Elden Ring because it's a game I've made myself. This is sort of my personal policy. You wouldn't get any of the unknowns that the fresh player is going to experience. Like I said before, it wouldn't feel like playing. But if I did, then this would be close to the ideal game I'd want."

Will you play Elden Ring when it arrives for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X?

Elden Ring

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