Hideo Kojima's and Microsoft's game is moving forward

The Xbox Game Studios Publishing teams visited Kojima Productions for the first time.

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As you might recall, Microsoft and Kojima Productions has an upcoming project together. This is some kind of cloud based game we really know nothing about, save from the very vague comment from Hideo Kojima himself who has described it as something he always wanted to make.

While we still have no clue what the brilliant industry veteran is creating together with Xbox Game Studios, we now know for a fact that the project seems to be moving forward. Yesterday the Xbox Game Studios Publishing teams visited Kojima Productions in Japan for the first time "to kick-off an exciting journey ahead".

This descriptions makes us believe that the game is still in very early stages so it will probably take many years before we get to see what it is. Still... it's Kojima so we're officially interested as it is almost certain to be an experimental and unique title.


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