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Silent Hills

Hideo Kojima tweets about making the "scariest horror game"

He says that one film helped him make PT, and that scary films inspire him to "awaken my horror soul".

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Hideo Kojima might have just released Death Stranding with Kojima Productions this month, but let's not forget that he also produced PT, a playable teaser for Silent Hills (a game that was eventually canceled) that is praised by many as one of the scariest horror experiences ever made.

It seems the concept of horror hasn't left Kojima's mind either, as he tweeted recently about his thoughts on making "the scariest horror game", referencing the fact that he used to rent horror film The Eye when working on PT. He also says that he watches scary films to "awaken my horror soul" as well.

It's clear that there are horror influences in Death Stranding too, especially with the ghostly BTs that you have to navigate your way around at certain points. These beings aren't a million miles away from Lisa in PT, especially with their sounds and movement.

Since Silent Hills was shelved and Kojima has since left Konami, it's unlikely we'll ever see that project revived, but that hasn't stopped fans from wanting more horror from Kojima.

Would you like to see him produce more horror experiences?

Silent Hills

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