Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is collaborating with Jean-François Rey on a line of Death Stranding-inspired glasses

There are set to be four versions of the frame available.

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Hideo Kojima is partnering with the French designer Jean-François Rey over a line-up of Death Stranding inspired glasses. The collaboration will include four original models of frames, each of which have been created "under the artistic direction" of Kojima.

The three base models are known as HKxJF01, HKxJF02, and HKxJF03, with the fourth model being the Ludens mask. Each of the three main models also come in a variety of unique designs and patterns, and come with a Kojima Productions-inspired box as well as a leather carry case. The Ludens mask, which comes with the HKxJF03, comes with its own clear case as it is larger than the other models.

The website for the collaboration does state that you can contact the designer to pre-order a model today, with delivery planned by the end of March 2022. There's no mention on the website as to the exact price of each model, however.

Death Stranding

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