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Doom II: Hell on Earth

Hidden secret in Doom II discovered just 24 years after launch

That didn't take us long to find.

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A very skilful player who goes by the name of Zero Master has unearthed an extremely well-hidden secret found deep within the digital bowels of Doom II, a secret which was in place when the game was originally published way back in 1994.

Doom creator John Romero took Twitter to explain how the secret works, pointing out that of course it was intentional and not a bug:

"A secret teleporter is marked as a discoverable 'secret', but when you touch it, you never enter the sector. So you would never get inside the teleporter sector to trigger the secret. The only way to trigger this secret is to be pushed by an enemy into it!".

If you wanna see the magic happening for yourself, head over to Zero Master's YouTube page and take a look at how he lures an enemy into the spot and gives him a push...

Doom II: Hell on Earth

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