Silent Hill 2

Hidden map and save features discovered in Silent Hill 2

One of the greatest horror games ever reveals even more mysteries.

Silent Hill 2 is arguably one of the best horror games ever made, but it's not that easy to play when you have to remember your way around the foggy town of Silent Hill without a map, and can only save at certain points. Well, it seems you don't always have to do that, as Twitter user punk7890 claims to have discovered some hidden secrets.

As punk7890 explains, a "complex set of button inputs enable four mini map types that display in the top right corner of the screen. The second secret button combo enables you to save anywhere, at anytime." Pretty cool right? To use this though you'll need to first clear the Dog Ending of the game, and after that "press 'Start + L2 + Square + L3' while in game. You may need to hold "Start" while exiting the inventory screen for start button to register."

We've seen this map used before, but as said by punk7890 in the Twitter thread, "I found the button combinations needed to activate the mini map this year, without the use of cheats. The TCRF link I posted already has the correct sources of individuals responsible for this discovery."

More detail can be found here if you're interested, and a screenshot courtesy of punk7890 can be found below. Will you be giving this a go?

Silent Hill 2

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