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Heroic has renewed its partnership with Red Bull

The esports organisation and the energy drink brand will continue to work together for 2023.

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The esports organisation Heroic has announced that it has renewed its partnership deal with Red Bull for the duration of 2023. Announced in a very, very brief blog post, we're told that the partnership has been "instrumental in the team's success on the international stage."

To add to this, team CCO Isikcan Aysev stated, "We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Red Bull, a company that shares our passion for esports and the drive to push performance limits. This renewal is a testament to the success of our collaboration over the past years, and we look forward to continue our journey with Red Bull by our side. We will do amazing things together that were never done in esports before - and it will blow people's minds."

As for what these "amazing things" are, Heroic has not shared any further details or information at this point, nor has it revealed any financial information relating to the extension.

Heroic has renewed its partnership with Red Bull

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