Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm enlists Overwatch's Mei as its next hero

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed Mei to be the new hero of the team-focused MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

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Despite Heroes of the Storm having its esports circuit pulled and struggling to find its footing within the League of Legends and DOTA 2-dominated genre, Blizzard has kept bringing new content to the game in droves.

Yesterday, we reported on what we assumed to be Blizzard teasing Mei as the new hero to join the game and later it was officially confirmed. Overwatch's Mei and her robot Snowball will be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster, making the Nexus a little bit cooler in the process. If you're interested, you can check the spotlight trailer out here in which Mei and her abilities are shown off.

Heroes of the Storm

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