Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals gets publisher

Square Enix hops on board.

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Danish developer Reto-Moto, who are working on the shooter slash strategy offering of Heroes & Generals, have announced that they will be partnering with Square Enix to publish the game.

Square Enix will help with marketing and will allow Reto-Moto more resources during the crucial final stages of development. The game is still in closed beta testing, but will hopefully be released soon.

What adds an extra layer to the story is that Reto-Moto was the name of the company that eventually became IO Interactive, and as that studio was purchased by Eidos back in the day a few developers decided to go their own way with Reto-Moto. Square Enix then purchased Eidos, and with this deal they're all under the same roof again in a way.

Heroes & Generals

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