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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Here's who won our HyperX 20th Anniversary tournament

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event wrapped up recently.

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Just recently, we teamed up with HyperX to host a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament to mark 20 years of the gaming peripheral brand. Our tournament asked players from all over the Nordics to sign up as duos to compete for a chance to win not just a HyperX prize package (including Cloud Wireless headsets, Alloy Origins keyboards, Pulsefire mice, and more), but also €1000, which was to be split between the winning pair. With that tournament now in the books, we have a winning team to celebrate and highlight.

After competing in five separate rounds of play, from the group stage all the way to the grand finals, it was GG.Lastdance who went the distance and took home the lion's share of the winnings. As for what exactly the pair were awarded with, that included the €1000 and two packages of HyperX gear (Cloud Alpha Wireless headset, Alloy Origins 65 keyboard, Pulsefire Haste Black mouse and Pulsefire Mat L mouse pad).

Falling at the last hurdle but putting up a mighty impressive showing all the same was the second place Dog Players, who like the third placing Doktor, walked away with a Cloud II Wireless headset, Alloy Origins 60, Pulsefire Haste Black mouse and Pulsefire Mat L mouse pad, for their efforts.

To see the action as it unfolded, you can find match replays for each and every game in the League category in our Video section, but you can also watch the finale between GG.Lastdance and Dog Players below.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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