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Here's when the Steam seasonal sales will take place

We have the exact dates for the next Autumn, Winter, and Spring sales.

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Valve has announced the exact dates for when players can look forward to saving some pennies on upcoming games as part of the Steam seasonal sales. The exact dates for the Autumn, Winter, and Spring sales have been detailed as part of a blog post, and they are as follows:

  • Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th

  • Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th

  • Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd

Some Steam fans might notice that this means there will not be a Lunar New Year sale (and a Spring Sale coming in its stead) this year, and the reason for this is that it was too close to the December sale, and Valve worried that publishers may opt out of offering deals due to this situation.

Regardless of this decision, be sure to mark these dates in your calendar to score some new games at a cheaper price.

Here's when the Steam seasonal sales will take place

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