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Deep Rock Galactic

Here's what fans can expect from Deep Rock Galactic in 2021

The mining shooter first launched into Early Access back in 2018.

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Ghost Ship Games has just laid out a roadmap for Deep Rock Galactic in 2021. The mining shooter first launched in Early Access in 2018 and the devs claim its "here to stay for a long time."

Update 34 which is entitled Bits n' Pieces is said to include the long-awaited feature of mod support. This is exclusive to Steam and there will be the option for players to filter matches by mod categories. The team will also be doing a full balance of weapons and overclocks, and they will be adding the option for users to rebind their controller inputs. This update is planned to arrive to Steam some time this April.

Alongside Bits n' Pieces, Update 35 was also teased. This looks to be much more extensive and is planned to launch during Q3 2021. The untitled update is said to include new mission types, new weapons, new overclocks and much more. The developers have acknowledged though that none of this content is finalised, as there is a long way to go until its release.

You can check out the revealed roadmap below:

Deep Rock GalacticDeep Rock Galactic

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