Overwatch 2

Here's the schedule for the Overwatch Champions Series Dallas Major

The tournament will take place next week.

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Blizzard has lifted the curtain on the bracket and schedule for the coming Overwatch Champions Series Dallas Major. The tournament, which will be held between May 31 and June 2 at DreamHack Dallas will see eight teams in attendance, and with that in mind, we now know who will be facing who and when.

The first batch of matches will see teams battling over a spot in the upper bracket, with losers falling into the lower bracket and then having to face elimination. As for these opening matches, here is what's in store.

  • Team Falcons vs. ENCE

  • Spacestation vs. Students of the Game

  • Crazy Raccoon vs. M80

  • Toronto Defiant vs. Twisted Minds

The bracket in full can be seen laid out below too for a more visual representation of what's in store.

Overwatch 2

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