Digimon Survive

Here's the first teaser for Digimon Survive

A mix of a visual novel and turn-based strategy.

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Digimon Survive is a new title from Bandai Namco that was announced a little while ago, without much ado and without very much information. Now, thanks to a Digimon livestream from Bandai Namco (via NintendoLife) we now know a little more about the game, and we have a teaser to show you!

The game mixes elements of a visual novel and turn-based strategy RPG, and is about a group of kids who are transported to a mysterious world and must explore it, and make decisions aplenty to survive. The outcome of the game depends on this choices, and the story will progress and evolve as you go along. Will you see all the characters safely to the end?

You'll have around 100 Digimons to play within the turn-based battles, and interacting with enemies and allies in this battles will increase your energy, which you'll need to evolve your Digimon.

Is this a game you'll be keeping an eye on?

Digimon SurviveDigimon Survive
Digimon SurviveDigimon SurviveDigimon Survive
Digimon SurviveDigimon Survive

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