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Here's the few additions FIFA 23's Career Mode introduces

It gets personal this season with the new activities, playable highlights, and authentic coaches.

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EA has been revealing new pieces of information relating to FIFA 23 over the past couple of weeks. Following our visit to EA Vancouver a few weeks ago, we've been updating you on all of this, be it cross-play, women's clubs, the Juventus exclusivity deal, or being able to do a "butt pass". Now today, we can talk all about Career Mode and how this has been expanded with new features.

At the forefront is Player Career personality, a new system that sees attributes boosted depending on performance. All gameplay decisions will impact this, and the attributes, be it Maverick, Virtuoso, Heartbeat, and so on, will change how well a player performs on the field, for example in their ability to finish a goal or even sprint.

To add to this, there are new off-pitch activities to take into account that also affect player personality. Whether it's a retirement gift, a birthday party, the choice to build a sauna, each will have their own bonuses, but likewise their own risks.

Alongside new cinematics in key moments, a new transfer analytical system (that shows both a sporting and financial perspective), and a main menu that has been further streamlined, FIFA 23's Career Mode will also bring playable highlights that are dynamically generated. Available in both the manager and player Career modes, this will allow players to experience specific moments of the game, such as intense striking situations.

On the topic of managers, look forward to more realistic coaches on the side-lines, as EA has used actual likenesses of Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel, Antonio Conte and more.

As for when FIFA 23 will launch, the game is set to debut on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on September 30.


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