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The Last Guardian

Here's the Collector's Edition of The Last Guardian

Want your own statue of Trico?

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It's been close to a decade, but The Last Guardian is so close to release now that we can almost taste it. And so can US retailer Gamestop, who's feeling the upcoming release to such a degree that they've revealed the Collector's Edition of the game.

For those of you into lavish, over-packaged boxes filled with trinkets for your mantlepiece, this one's a doozy. It comes with a steelbook case for the game disc, a digital download of the game's soundtrack, a 72 page art book, stickers and, of course, a statue of Trico - the griffin-like animal featured so heavily in the game.

US Gamestop lists it at $120. No word on a European price yet.

The Last Guardian

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