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Trombone Champ

Here's someone playing Trombone Champ with a Trombone

Rudeism has built a device that gives some extra depth to Holy Wow's musical game.

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The musical game Trombone Champ has taken the gaming world by a bit of a storm ever since it debuted in mid-September. Asking players to give renditions of iconic songs using a trombone, making for often truly, truly terrible performances, the daft title has really catapulted to stardom.

But as the game has been out for a couple of weeks now, we're starting to see community figures getting creative with how they play the game, and one of those very people is Rudeism, who has designed a system that allows him to play Trombone Champ using an actual trombone.

While we can't promise the musical performances are much better than they would be using a regular controller, it is definitely a spectacle to watch, one that you can find in the embedded tweet below.

Trombone Champ

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